Saturday 3:30pm

Things conttinue to be about the same with Laura. When a got here around 1 or 1:30, Jan and Art were here. Laura had just had a bit of pain meds and she dozes off for awhile.

Later she wa semi attentive and was fighting a little bit, but over all she worked with me well, very well intact. She understands she needs to breath with the machine and relax and she us trying her best, an she gets a lot of “good girls” when I feel here relax her arms and close her eyes.

They will be changing her pain meds from diluted ( that is the name ), to something else as the diluted is causing her saturation to drop.

She was in guarded condtion this morning, and i think she still is. I think we will be limiting visitors until the take her off the assisted breathing machine for good.