Saturday 1am

I was called to ICU at 8:15 as Laura was fighting the mask an the nurse. Then she gave me a run for the money! For two hours we battled, she wanted the mask off, we wanted it on. Eventually I called in Jan for backup. Jan arrived and Laura also got a dose of meds for pain, and she doze off to sleep.

Jan and I then sat and talked for awhile, As Laura slept.

Jan left around 12:30 or 1am. I am here, keeping an eye on her. The nurse is off on break. I just hope the pain stays dorment and the drowsiness stays with her as long as possible. The nurse said she wants to keep the mask on her at least until 5:00am, if not longer. She really needs the oxygen to help out recover. It would be nice if she could stay asleep till 7 or so, then we could swith her back to the nose tubes.

And the poor nurse as another patient that was trying to get out of bed and leave (Laura wanted too a well). So she is having. Rough nigt as well. But things seemed to have calmed down.