Saturday 1:30am

She us still sleeping, thank God, the rest she needs! Here is here current stats. Pulse 108, BP 94/54, SPO2 (oxygen saturation) 98, respitory rate 18. Snores 0 :)

Everyonce in awhile, her pulse goes to 80 and the SPO2 drops under 90, but after 20-30 secs it comes back up to 93 or 94. She is on 40% oxygen right now, then it takes 5 min to get back to 96 or so. Oh and she has the hiccups.


  1. jamie says:

    Thinking and praying for you guys! I guess its a good sign she's being a little fiesty but she needs her rest. I emailed Jean and Lydia to let them know. Hopefully they are checking their STC email. If you need or want me for anything this weekend let me know, ill be around and stop by tomorrow.

  2. jamie says:

    I forgot to add if ya'll need a break and want somebody to stay with her I'm willing and able.

  3. Kevin says:

    Thanks for contacting them Jamie, and I'll let you know if we need you to watch her for awhile. She is still sleeping. Couple more hours, then if she awakes, they will remove the mask and see how she does. And then I can go to sleep for a bit.

  4. Kevin says:

    Laura, when you are better and reading thus blog, just let me say, tonight you are being a pain, but it is ok, that means you are getting better