Update 6:30pm Friday

Laura is look alot better, she says she doesn’t feel better, but I am sure she doesn’t. And she probably doesn’t know how bad she was feeling before. They did put her back on the assisted breathing machine just before I left because she was moving around more and kept trying to clear her throat and in her week state that was causing her to breath heavier and faster. So once they put the mask back on, I stayed with her a bit to make sure she was relaxing and then I left around 6pm. Art was going to stay until 6:30, and then he will go back and sit with her a bit at 8:30.

Overall it seems she has made some progress today. This morning was a very tense time. I had gotten pretty scared for her and I don’t think I was the only one. But things have improved and she seems to be getting better. Hopefully tonight she can rest good and we continue to see an improvement into the weekend.

Jan is cooking Art and I a home cooked meal this evening, that will be a nice change. I haven’t really eaten that well since Tuesday, unless you could cereal or whataburgers :)

Thanks to all for the support and prayers! All of us appreciate it.


  1. sherry says:

    kevin—we are encouraged with this progress for laura, baby steps to be sure, but hopefully this is an upward trend—-

    jan is a great cook—-bend her arm to make a lemon or chocolate meringue pie—-laura might even feel like eating a teeny bit in a few days—

    glad art is with you, also——-love to all of you—-uncle terry and aunt sherry