Friday noon update

It has been a fairly busy morning in the “Star” room (I call it the star room, not only because Laura is my Star, but because it is room 13, apparently some people have strong superstition about it so there is not #13 on the door or anything, they have a star).

Anyway, where do I start. Dr Vela the primary physician made his rounds and come in to talk to Jan and I. They have cleared her lungs of most of the fluids, but there is still problem in her lungs. A second x-ray that they took last night or early this morning showed that the lungs had not improved much or had gotten worse. They believe there is an infection in the lungs, which may have moved from the kidney or uteral track. She could have had a uteral infection that spread into her lungs the last few days. Over night they had taken the assisted breathing machine to 60%, and just before we got there they had lowered it to 50% and her levels were staying at 100, so that is good sign, They want to get the machine down to 40%.

An infectious disease specialist visited next, he will be the one to take care of the infection she has. He explained that she is currently on one dosage of anti-biotics, he is going to add another anti-biotic so they can try to start fighting the infection. They had taken blood cultures early this morning and it will be 24-48 hours before they would see anything on them. They have to give the infection time to “grow” so they can identify it (I guess).

After awhile, Laura’s Dad came to visit and I spend some time downstairs with Linda and Glen Dunn, then I took Linda up to see Laura for a few minutes. Laura was awake and recognized Linda and tried to speak, but it is not only hard to understand her, but hard to hear her because of the mask and the flow of air. She did ask me what town she was in. I figure she might have thought she was transferred somewhere or maybe because Jan was there, it confused her a bit, since Jan is from Dallas.

So, the current plan is to attack the infection and get that taken care of and then get her stabilized. It could be several days before we get to that point, but we are praying that God will work in her body and help the process along.

As for the family, we are all holding on together and making it through. The boys have yet to see Laura, but we will take them up there either today or over the weekend, depending on how things go. I think this evening Jan is going to cook up something and Art is going to come by so we can have dinner together. I am currently at home for a little while to catch up on some laundry and then during the ICU “Lock down” this evening, I think I’ll get the lawn mowed. It’ll give me something to do, unless it is too hot, which it very well could be.

Laura also get a special visit this morning from a RN that is a member of the instructional team for STC’s Vocational Nursing Department. She talk to Jan and I for awhile and told us that their nursing staff that is on duty at the hospital is there for us for anything we need. She also gave us the Department Dean’s phone numbers so we could call if we needed anything. Whether it be just help or if we didn’t understand something and needed someone to explain things.

You can see how much Laura is loved, as so many people of stood up to help out and support her and our family. We thank you all so much.

Thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. More updates as the day goes on.