Friday 1pm

When I came back from house, Jan and the nurse Rhoda, were feeding Laura some chicken broth and she drank some water. She talked to us for a bit, then they put the mask back on and she is now resting again.

Jan mentioned that Laura had asked if she had a baby :) they told her it was a kidney stone, same amount of pain I am sure. The vitals are doing better, but they have a ways to go!


  1. sherry says:

    my dear kevin—what a love you must be—thank you for keeping all of us posted—-i am writing for laura's uncle terry and me—

    i spoke to jan when laura was having her broth—that is such a good sign—-that and she has all of you around her, and that your faith is so strong——–art and jan had both called earlier this morning, and we, are sending our prayers, and hugs also—

    our love to ALL of you and my little "putzy"—-aunt sherry

  2. Kevin says:

    Thank you Sherry and Terry, we do appreciate it.