Update 9:50

Laura is stick rather sick and weak. Her blood pressure is around 110/58, Pyle is 110-135. She is still on oxygen and IV. I had a chance to talk to Dr. Vela, the primary doctor. The test for blood clots in her legs and lungs are negative. But chest x-Ray shows some fluid in her lungs, so that is probably cause the low oxygen ratings. They are going to give her a diatretic and cut back on fluids to try to get rid of the fluid.

Otherwise she is acting really “druggy”, in and out of sleep, talking in her sleep, etc. We hope and pray that things will improve throughout the day.


  1. Teri in CO says:

    Continuing to pray for healing! And a quick recovery! Love you! Teri

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you for the updates! Tell her we are praying for her! Love you Kevin!