Update 4:00pm

Laura’s Mom, Jan, flew in this afternoon and around 3:00, her and LJ arrived at the hospital. So I took them up to see Laura, then headed out to come home and get a bite to eat. On the way out I ran in to David Barnes and Charlie White (our elders), we talked for a bit in the lobby and we prayed. I so appreciate everyone from the church that has come by, called, emailed and kept us in their thoughts and prayers.

Laura is still about the same. Her blood pressure has gone down a bit, it is in the 90’s/? But no one seems to be alarmed by it as I think it might be due to the diaretic and the blood thinners. Since probably around 11am I guess, she has been able to rest and sleep. So Art and I would just sit, and take turns taking a bit of a break.