Update 12:15pm

Things are not going so well for my love. They are not sure what the problem is, but she is retaining fluids to much. The nurse told Art that it could be pnumonia, which makes sense once you look at all the symptoms. She us on an machine that assists with breathing. The did an endograf I think it was called, sonogram of the heart to see if there was any problems there. We have not got results back from that yet. Please keep praying for her!

I am not really able to talk on the phone right now, too emotional I guess, my mind kept saying this was just a simple procedure, be out in a day or so. But it’s serious now, how things can change so fast I don’t know. She was fine on Monday and Tuesday, now she is.lying in the ICU with tubes and machines.


  1. Laura says:

    If you need a loud mouth advocate down there for you – let me know. I'm so worried for both of you. I do have vacation… Love you both!

  2. David Droll says:

    She is definately in our prayers. I hope she gets better quickly!

  3. Kevin says:

    Thanks Laura & David :) no need to spend your vacation down here in the heat :)