6:00pm Update

I am writing this a bit late, I have spent the last hour or two eating and visiting with Laura’s mom and LJ.

We left the ICU around 6pm, Laura was starting to get a bit agitated with the oxygen mask she had on, so they gave her another dose of the medicine that calms her down and sedates her a bit. Her numbers were looking better and they had cut down the oxygen from 100% to 40%. They also but “boots” on her that somehow work the blood circulation in her legs and she has been lying down for 3 days straight now, and they want to prevent blood clots in her legs. Her blood pressure was still only around 100-110/58, but that had raised up a little bit as we.. And her oxygen “saturation”? was around 96% with 40% oxygen from the machine.

The doctor that did the surgery visited her today, but I was not in the room at the time. He talked to Jan and Art, they told me that the primary concern right now is to get her stabilized, and the kidney stone is secondary as it has been “bypassed” for now. It is likely she will be in the hospital all weekend and they mentioned it might be Tuesday before she could come home.

They will not be removing the stone during this stay, they want her to come home and recover for around two weeks, then she can go back in and they will deal with the stone.

When I left (a bit before Jan and LJ left) she was freshly sedated and back sleeping again. She has not eaten much at all, and the nurses know this, they want to get her stable first, then they will start giving her more food and start physical therapy work to get her body back going again.

Jan is staying here at the house with me and Zach, we will probably go ahead and just stay home the rest of the night. Art will be going up around 8:30 to check on her and spend some time with her. Then we’ll go up to see her in the morning.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support. Today Laura had some more visitors, sadly, not all of them were able to see her, but I was able to spend some time with them. Sandra Propst came to visit early in the day. As I was leaving around 3 I ran into David Barnes and Charlie White. That was a real blessing to me, we sat in the lobby and talked for awhile before I came home to eat, they didn’t get to see Laura, but they sure helped me out. Jamie came by to visit for a few minutes again as well.

The Dunn’s were anxious to come see learn, but the timing never worked out well. I hope they are able to stop by and see her tomorrow. Also please keep Juan Guajardo, one of our church elders, in your thoughts and prayers as well. While he was visiting with us yesterday, he mentioned he had just had a doctor visit were they had found that he had kidney stones as well. He spent a good amount of time in the emergency room himself last night passing a stone. So please include him in your prayers as well and we are.

I will post another update in the morning as I find out more information.


  1. Sandy Propst says:

    I'm not surprised that she is improving. When I touched her as I prayer for her, I got "goose" bumps and an electric shock and her eyes fluttered at the same time. The Lord sent his ministering angels, just as we asked, I'm sure. Who can fail with the Lord in charge??? Charlie also said he and Dave were able to stop by and see you. That's wonderful. Don't forget you have so many of us loving and praying for you and Laura! This blog is a great idea, too! You're so smart!

  2. Kevin says:

    Sandy, thank you so much for visiting. It had been a trying morning, when I looked at the door and saw you it was like a sunrise. It really lefty spirits and I needed it at that time. Dave and Chas's visit really gave me alot of strength. We do so appreciate it.

  3. jamie says:

    Prayers for laura have been sent to illinois and california for laura, I hope she is doing better this morning.