Update 3

I am outside, they are doing a security check in iCU, so everyone had to leave and I can go back in at 7.

Laura is still int the same condition, blood pressure is up to around 98 or 100 over something. She has not eatin much yet as the keep bringing her creamy soups and she can’t eat those. We have requested clear soups and her dad is bringing her some chicken noodle less the noodles.

I am going to stay for awhile, probably 9 or 10. Then her Dad will come for a bit with the soup, then I’ll be back early AM

Laura was happy to see our guests that came to visit her today. Thanks to Linda, Juan and Jaime for stopping by and visiting her. And also big thanks to Art her Dad, he’s been with us most of the day, if not all.


  1. Kelli Kienker says:

    Glad her blood pressures are coming up a bit.