Laura Update

I am back at home for a bit of time, and I found an iphone app for wordpress, so hopefully I can update my blog via the iphone for everyone to see instead of texting, emailing and calling. As I am having to charge my phone fairly often to keep up with it all :)

As I mentioned in email or text or phone call, Laura is out of surgery. They put in Ureteric Stent to help clear the passage ways. That went well, the problem has been her blood pressure.

Early this AM while she was in her room on the surgery floor, her blood pressure was in the 70s (first number). So they had to move her to ICU and add another IV to put in medicine to bring her pressure back up. That was before the surgery. They get it stabilized, and she went in for surgery. After surgery her blood pressure was down again. She was able to eat a little bit and drink some water and sprite. They were going to attempt another IV, but Laura has “moving veins” and the physician decided to put a (can’t remember the name) hmm. Anyway, it is a procedure where they put a line in an artery in the arm, and snake it up to one of the main arteries of the heart. This will allow them to better administer the drugs she needs to control her blood pressure.

So anyway, that is were it stands currently. I am at the house posting this, but plan to update via iphone from now on, so check back. This will keep me from using “multimedia” to update everyone :)

I am going back to the hospital in about 20 minutes, the “shunt” should be installed by then and I can see how she is doing.

Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers!

PS. I know sometimes I have grammer/spelling/word mistakes, I am trying to post as much info as I can in short amount of time :)


  1. Kelli Kienker says:

    Thank you for all of the updates…give her hugs and kisses from us and especially Brynn. :)