Computer Woes

The last few weeks, I’ve been having a progressing problem with my 500gb drive in my main machine. I had rebooted the machine a few weeks back and it got stuck in a reboot loop. After some research, I figured out what could be the problem and ran chkdsk on the drive. That solved the problem. Last week, I had to reboot again, and it happened again. So I figured the drive was failing and planned on getting a new drive this weekend and replacing it.

Yesterday I picked up a new 1tb Seagate drive. My plan was to put the drive in this morning, mirror the old drive to the new one and then go about my business. Well, things didn’t go as planned. I shut the machine down to put in the drive, after booting, I had to run chkdsk again, it got stuck at 52% for an hour or so. It was trying to read a bad sector and just could not. I then tried to use SpinRite, and it warned that I should try to get all the data off the drive before I attempted to “repair” it. I had also noticed that the bios bootup warned that the drive was bad/failing. Fun fun.

So, my only real option at that point was to do a reinstallation. At that point I decided to go ahead and put in Windows 7 64bit RC. I have Win7 installed on my laptop and I love it!! So I got another key and started the installation. The install was real slow and I figured out that it was because the old drive was still connected to the system. So I removed the old drive and the install went along as it should. Then I reinstalled my required programs, copied some stuff from backup DVDs, I am currently reinstalling World of Warcraft, so I can start the download before Laura and I go out for a bite to eat.

I am going to take the old drive to the office on monday, and hook it up to one my test machines there and see if I might can salvage any data off it. Hopefully I can get it semi repaired to the point were I can get some data off it. Luckily I didn’t lose that much stuff. Most of the important stuff is backed up. But my mp3 directories don’t get backed up (too massive), our photo directories don’t backed up, but I do burn the to DVD occasionally. My last photo backup was done in January, so if all else fails, we’ll lose photos from Jan to May, which wasn’t a lot. Otherwise most of the data is recoverable from other sources, or from just software installation, etc.

It’s been a long day setting all this back up, but I am happy that I am running Win7 now instead of XP. The Win7 RC (Release Candidate) installation will run until May of 2010 I think, and when Win7 is released in October, I’ll be getting licenses for both my laptop and my desktop. I’ll probably also get one for Laura’s netbook if she wants it, as Win7 runs better than XP if you have the RAM for it. My laptop has 4gig of ram, my desktop has 3gig. But I think it will run great on a 1gb machine.

Once this WoW installation finished, I am going to start the patcher and then Laura and I are headed out for a nice dinner and some quality time together.