a Fearie and the Justicar

So, we are 4 months into the year now, and last night, I finished my 2nd book of the year! I made an “event” out of it, sat in our reading room, on a nice comfortable recliner, with a cold shiner and my reading glasses.

Queen of the Demonweb Pits (QotDP), by Paul Kidd, was the first book that I started at the beginning of the year. It took me a good while to get going on it. It goes back to my highschool days when I played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Queen of the Demonweb Pits was a “module” that I play, several times if I remember correctly. When I decided to start reading seriously, this was my first choice as I knew I could be fairly interested in it (since I had attempted to read it a few times before :> ).

After finishing (and enjoying) my first book, I did a bit of research on Paul Kidd the writer and discovered several other books that starred the same characters (Escalla, a fearie and The Justicar, a ranger). It did not look like they were still it print, but I happened upon a few used copies on Amazon, both of the books that a found were written before the QotDP (which was apparently the last in the series). So, I started with the first book, White Plume Mountain, which happens to be another AD&D module, that I don’t think I ever got the chance to play, sadly. I don’t remember exactly when I started this book, but I rolled through it fairly quickly and finished it up last night.

Next up is Descent in to the Depths of the Earth, which is a direct follow up to White Plume Mountain and also a AD&D module that I apparently never played (I feel so deprived now :> ). I am really looking forward to getting into this book and following the adventures of the fearie and her pal the Justicar.

After this series, I still have several other AD&D/Greyhawk books that I am looking forward to getting into. Once I am done with those I will probably read a few WWII books that I have set aside, then back to some Fantasy or SciFi.


  1. David says:

    sat in our reading room, on a nice comfortable recliner, with a cold shiner