Perfect Game

Monday night, Laura and I got a chance to see possibly the only perfect game in baseball that we will ever see. Although it was High School, and the game was called after 5 1/2 innings (regular length is 7 innings).

We have been seeing a lot of players that the boys played with back when they were at the Rising Star Baseball School. These days we see boys that played with them on a lot of teams. Sharyland, La Joya, Memorial, etc. Back then there was a very good player named Alexis that was pretty much the Top Kat’s star pitcher. Alexis now pitches and plays OF for McHi. He transferred from PSJA this last year and is currently a Junior at McHi (same as Matthew).

Monday night, Alexis pitched against Memorial and proceeded to throw a PERFECTO! 5 innings on the mound, facing 15 batters, with 7 KOs, no walks. Not a single memorial player reached 1st base.

Oh and guess I should mention Mcallen won 10-0, the game was called in the bottom of the 5th inning due to the 10 run after 5 rule. Hard to know if Alexis would have kept going, but he was definitely in the zone. Click Here for the score sheet (I scored the game on my palm, using the program I used to use when I scored for the Rising Star Top Kats team).

April Update

Yup, no updates lately… typical me. But we have baseball season going, which has kept us rather busy, along with work and other things. Things are going great down here in RGV and we are looking forward to a nice HOT summer (not!).

Over the Easter weekend, Laura and I had a spontaneous idea to go up to Corpus for a few days. We left on Thursday after work and then came back on Saturday. It was a nice getaway and we got to enjoy the Lexington again as well as the Aquarium.

This last weekend I had the “oh so fun” joy of troubleshooting my main computer at home. On Thursday and Friday morning I would come into my office and the machine would be off. Then on Friday night it was off again, so I turned it back on and after about 10 minutes it shut off. I spent some time Saturday morning and afternoon taking out components, trying to narrow down the problem piece. I got it narrowed down to either the motherboard, CPU or power supply. I didn’t have any spares for those items so I decided to start with the cheapest of the three and went to Best Buy to get a new power supply. That ended up fixing it. The PS that was in the computer was the one that came with the case, so it was an ultra cheapy. This new one I got should last a good while. I was very happy to not have to buy and swap out the motherboard :)

It’s now Thursday, having lunch today with the office folks for “Administrative Professionals Day”, which should be nice. This weekend I’d like to get several things done around the house, we’ll see how that goes.

Somber Days

Breath Blew right out of me

Like wind across a window ledge

My old forgotten ways

Came rushing back on me

The world that held no interest

Gave way to somber days

So many somber days I felt so all alone

(In my suffering I was home)

So many somber days I was so unaware

Of almost anything but my suffering

How can our sight become so severely limited

We cannot see beyond the step we’re

About to take, the love that we did not make

The years so swiftly gone

So many somber days I felt so all alone

(In my suffering I was home)

So many somber days I was so unaware

Of almost anything but my suffering

And I felt unsure under a winter sky

And I would waste away

Coldest sun, seemed so far away

Who can heal a heart that’s made of clay?

If you’re feeling down today

If you’re dreading your next breath

Your hurt down to the bone

There is someone here with us

God is close as your next breath

He won’t leave you alone

Through your somber days when you feel all alone

(All your suffering he has known)

Through your somber days

Whem you feel like no one cares

(Touch your memory; he is there)

Through these somber days…

All these somber days

(He will walk with you all the way)

No matter how it hurts please stay here

One more day, help is on the way

They’ll be no more suffering

“Somber Days” – Neal Morse