Todays Monster Trucks

I am sitting here, writing some code for a client, jamming to Neal Morse and I happen to have Speedvision on the TV in my office on (I was watching the Nascar Truck race earlier).

Wow has Monster trucks changed! Well, let me rephrase that. Wow has Monster Truck drivers changed!!! I am sitting here in awe at how they can control those beasts these days. In the last 10 minutes, I have seen atleast 10-20 occasions where it was a definite that the truck was gonna flip or roll on it’s side, but nope. They were able to keep it upright AND kept going.

And the height they get these days as amazing as well, landing without bending or breaking anything. I will say, although I think monster trucks are much like the “professional wrestling” of auto sports, these guys are talented and those trucks are tuff!

Much impressed!