Saturday Afternoon Drive

This afternoon, after doing a bit of work at the church, Laura and I hopped in the new truck for a small road trip. We decided late in the week to drive down to the Island to get some highway miles on the truck and have dinner. We left McAllen around 4:00, got on 281 and started the cruise.

We got a bit of a chance to check out the Sirius Satellite radio system once we started rolling. The truck has that and a 1 year subscription to it. So I’ll probably put it to some use and see if it is worth keeping. We are talking about getting Laura a portable Sirius or XM system, as she will use it more then me. But I am starting to get used to it. FoxNews radio, FoxTalk, some great music channels, hmm sports galore. And Laura and I would probably enjoy the book and old classic radio channels. The Book channel has book readings, and the old classic radio channel has the old radio shows.

Anyway, back to the truck. It was a pretty smooth ride, even through the construction area, which can get fairly rough. During the course of the trip I watched the AVG MPG display slowly creep it’s way up from 16.0 (where it was usually at around town) to 18.0 by the time we got back home. While we were headed down highway 100 (after I drove past it the first time) we had some pretty strong cross winds from a front that was coming though, but it wasn’t pushing the truck much at all, which I was surprised at.

On the island we had dinner at Blackbeards. Laura had a HUGE chicken fried steak and I had flounder. Then we braved the cold (55 degrees with 30mph winds) and headed back home. Pretty much the same going the other way. I was hoping to remember to open up the throttle a bit on this trip, but I never remembered to do it. So that’ll be for the next trip.

When I got home I took a gander at mufflers for the truck, as I heard that a flowmaster or a magnaflow muffler could improve horsepower and MPG. So I might look into do that at some point. But, $200 for the muffler (not including installation) or $600 for a complete kit (again, not installed). That might be awhile.

The first item on the “upgrade” agenda was taken care of on Wednesday. We had a Viper 5002 alarm system put in.  At this point it doesn’t have a glass breakage sensor or battery backup. But I don’t plan on putting in an expensive audio system or anything. I just need starter kill and basic alarm protection.

Next up on the agenda is a spray-on liner, and I think I have decided to go with Line-X,  followed by running boards or steps of some sort, then a tailgate lock and trailer hitch, and then finally a toolbox. Then might come the muffler or exhaust upgrade.


  1. Teri says:

    oh my goodness… you "sound" just like our dad! =)

  2. Teri says:

    and your afternoon/evening sounds wonderful!

  3. David says:

    Maybe next time take Expressway 83 instead of 281 :)

  4. Kevin says:

    Teri, I learned from the best :)

    David – Well, we got on 281, then got on 83, then 77 :). Since we live on the north side of McAllen, I usually head east to 281 to go anywhere (north or south) instead of going across town to 83.