Not much excitement here

As I have not posted much lately, you probably figure that not much is going on, but really there has been alot going on, just nothing that would interest most people :) Life is going well at the Southern headquarters of the Nunn family. The 17th was Matthew’s 17th’s birthday, and he was presented the keys to the Toyota Corolla that we would no longer need after getting the truck. He doesn’t have his license yet, but he will be working on that ASAP now that he’ll have something to drive when he gets his license. Laura took some photos and has an entry in her blog if you are interested.

Laura and I are both looking forward to the 30th of this month. We are going to take a trip to up Austin in the new truck. It’ll be good to get away, test out the truck on a long trip and see Mom and Dad.

Otherwise I have been keeping busy with all sorts of things. This weekend I’ll be setting up a new computer at the Church for the media booth (the last one developed a desire not to power up anymore) and I’ll be installing a new translator system for spanish speaking folks that attend our services.

A month or so ago, I decided to stop playing Everquest and started playing World of Warcraft, so I could possible get in some game time with Dan, Kelli’s husband. I have been playing, but with all that is going on I have not been playing much. But I hope to catch up to his group so I can attend their regular Thursday night mayhem.

UPDATE: oh, and I forgot to post. Since Thanksgiving, and my completely quitting smoking and cutting out caffiene. I have slowly started gaining weight! WOW, that is definitely in first! For the last 20 or so years, I went to the doctor and I could pin point predict 135 lbs. When I went back early in January, it said 140! Hmm, I thought, must be a fluck. Then a had another appointment on Wednesday.. 145! uh oh! getting fat! :)

Saturday Afternoon Drive

This afternoon, after doing a bit of work at the church, Laura and I hopped in the new truck for a small road trip. We decided late in the week to drive down to the Island to get some highway miles on the truck and have dinner. We left McAllen around 4:00, got on 281 and started the cruise.

We got a bit of a chance to check out the Sirius Satellite radio system once we started rolling. The truck has that and a 1 year subscription to it. So I’ll probably put it to some use and see if it is worth keeping. We are talking about getting Laura a portable Sirius or XM system, as she will use it more then me. But I am starting to get used to it. FoxNews radio, FoxTalk, some great music channels, hmm sports galore. And Laura and I would probably enjoy the book and old classic radio channels. The Book channel has book readings, and the old classic radio channel has the old radio shows.

Anyway, back to the truck. It was a pretty smooth ride, even through the construction area, which can get fairly rough. During the course of the trip I watched the AVG MPG display slowly creep it’s way up from 16.0 (where it was usually at around town) to 18.0 by the time we got back home. While we were headed down highway 100 (after I drove past it the first time) we had some pretty strong cross winds from a front that was coming though, but it wasn’t pushing the truck much at all, which I was surprised at.

On the island we had dinner at Blackbeards. Laura had a HUGE chicken fried steak and I had flounder. Then we braved the cold (55 degrees with 30mph winds) and headed back home. Pretty much the same going the other way. I was hoping to remember to open up the throttle a bit on this trip, but I never remembered to do it. So that’ll be for the next trip.

When I got home I took a gander at mufflers for the truck, as I heard that a flowmaster or a magnaflow muffler could improve horsepower and MPG. So I might look into do that at some point. But, $200 for the muffler (not including installation) or $600 for a complete kit (again, not installed). That might be awhile.

The first item on the “upgrade” agenda was taken care of on Wednesday. We had a Viper 5002 alarm system put in.  At this point it doesn’t have a glass breakage sensor or battery backup. But I don’t plan on putting in an expensive audio system or anything. I just need starter kill and basic alarm protection.

Next up on the agenda is a spray-on liner, and I think I have decided to go with Line-X,  followed by running boards or steps of some sort, then a tailgate lock and trailer hitch, and then finally a toolbox. Then might come the muffler or exhaust upgrade.

Movie Recommendation

200px-worlds_fastest_indian1I’ve been meaning to post this for several days, but with all the other things going on, I never got around to it. Anyway, one night late last week Laura and I watched a movie we had recorded a month or two ago called “The World’s Fastest Indian”. I was a bit leary of the movie, but after having seen it, I must recommend that everyone see it! It is really a great movie about a New Zeelander that comes to the US to run is motorcycle at the salt flats. It’s a great movie and Anthony Hopkins plays the lead role. It is definitely worth seeing. So, next time you stop by Blockbuster, Hollywood Video or your favorite movie store. Pick this up and enjoy it. It’s good for the whole family too.

My New Ride

This morning Laura and I had to make a trip to CompUSA for some computer parts, and we decided on the way back to run by Clark Chevrolet to look at some used trucks I had seen on their website. For the last several months we have discussed getting me a new truck (new to me) and since we have paid of Laura’s car (a year or more early) we felt the time was near for a new ride.

We looked a few of their used trucks and there was a 2004 GMC Sierra 4wd that Laura and I both liked and we were highly considering it. But after talking with Dad, and thinking about it some more, we decided not to get the 4wd, since we really had no need for it and it would require more maintenance and along with that, more expense.

On our way back to the dealership, I decided to stop by Burns motors to see what they had. When we got there, we talked to a salesman, a fellow Christian, and discovered that they have very few used trucks. He did show me some Durangos, but we weren’t really looking for a SUV, we wanted a TRUCK!

So I asked him to show me some of the new trucks Only only had 3 “Quad Cabs” in stock, which are the “extended cab” version of the Dodge. I didn’t want the full size back seat, known as the “Crew Cab” (which they had A LOT of). And the 3 Quad Cabs they had were on their Mission lot. So, we jumped in a black Crew Cab I was looking at and drove over there. We were looking for a white crew cab, come to find out had be sold. There was a black one and a red one left. The red didn’t really  appeal to me, and the black is called Bright Black Pearl or something, it is a nice color.

Anyway, with help from Brian Burns (an elder at our Church and a missionary in the Philippines, who is in town for a few weeks and preaching for us tomorrow) and Richard DeLeon who is the Financial manager there at Burns, we are now the proud owner of a 2009 Dodge 1500 SLT Quad Cab 4×2. 4.7-Liter V8 and a  5 Speed Auto transmission. With alot of other extras.

And now for the photos….

New Year Resolutions?

Well, I usually don’t make resolutions for the new years, or even goals for that matter. But, my sister and brother-in-law inspired me to make an attempt this year, and I’ve decided on the following:

  • READ!!! Laura is a big time reader. My reading usually consists of restaurant menus, technical books or gaming guides. This year I want to start READING! So last night I got a few fantasy books from Barnes and Noble and started on my journey last night
  • Read The Bible in a year! (inspired by Teri) – Along with this, Laura and I are doing daily devotionals from  TableTalk magazine. We started on it last night and will strive to continue throughout the year. This way I’ll have my devotional and also read the bible in a year!
  • Related to the above, I am going to try to pay more attention during Bible Study and the Sermons at church. I do usually listen, but I am also busy with sound, slide shows, and other technical matters that I don’t always get the whole thing.
  • Continue my no-smoking, no-caffeine and way less drinking way of life. This has been going good and things are getting better.

I think that is a nice small start. No need in stating a bunch of new goals since this is really the first time I have ever thought about resolutions or goals. And this time next year I will do as Teri and David did and evaluate my 2009

New Years Eve

Well, this is a bit late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Laura and I had a very nice New Years Eve this year. We actually even went out for a bit of time and had a great dinner with Nick. We left our house destined for Tico’s and a botana for 4, but Tico’s was closed. So then we could not decide where to eat. We drove by Logan’s Steakhouse, and it was packed. So we decided to go to Hayashi Hibachi. We have always enjoyed japanese Hibachi dinners, we’ve been going to the Samurai Steakhouse in McAllen for years. Hayashi is a new place that opened up on 10th and Dove about a year ago maybe. We’ve been there twice before, and noted that it was more expensive than Samurai Steakhouse, but it sure is alot nicer.

The happy group looking forward to getting stuffed….


So, what kinda food did we have… Grab a towel incase you drool….


This time we had a really funny chef, sometimes they think they are funny and really not, but this guy was good. And he cooked great too, along with all the flair!


And the final result of the night!