Ultimate Bass

As some of you may know, I dabble at playing the bass guitar. Mostly it is an off and on love affair, but lately it’s been off due to the bass I have at the house. I used to have the Church’s 5-string bass and Ampeg amp setting in my office and I loved playing it and practicing (Mostly when Laura was not around :> ). But the Church is using the bass again, so it stays at the Church, and I have been messing with an old 4-string guitar that has intonation problems, loose electronics and an uncomfortable neck.

Last week I mentioned to Laura that I wanted to get rid of it (she suggested putting it in the alley way, which is what we do with junk we don’t want and can’t sell). Anyway, I’ve been looking at basses lately and I think I found the one I want!!

Nice Eh!? :) Actually, no, I don’t want that one. I will settle for a nice 5-string again, but I just wanted to post that picture :)