Plug for Neal Morse

It’s Saturday evening, I am finishing up some work for a DATA-COM client, coding away, listening to Neal Morse. Over the last 44.5 years, I have had a lot of favorite bands and musicians. Some have stood the test of time (Megadeth and Maynard Ferguson), but none of really touched me they way Neal’s music does. And, to top that off, since he left Spock’s Beard, all of the stuff that he has put out has been all Christian music.

Every single CD he has put out is just simple amazing. And they are not all the same. Most of them are progressive rock epics. He also has a couple of worship CDs released as well. But I really enjoy the Prog stuff the most. One of them called “Sola Scriptura” is about the life of Martin Luther. Luther changed Christianity like no other (except Jesus himself of course). Neal captures the whole store of Luther in an EPIC prog CD, consisting of only 4 songs, but lasts around 70 minutes! Simply amazing.

Anyway… I recently got the “Sola Scriptura and Beyone Live!” DVD, and it is just as good as all his other stuff, but LIVE… mistakes, improv and all. I wanted to post this here so that maybe someone else would get interested or may have never heard of him and would like his stuff. So, here is the trailer for the DVD.

If you are a fan of Prog Rock, check it out. Probably the upper top of musicians.