Thanksgiving at Home

We hope that all of our friends and family had a nice and happy Thanksgiving. As some of you know, we decided to stay home due to some health issues that I had a few days before the Thanksgiving holidays. I am doing fine, I just sure miss my caffeine :) We stocked up on Koolaid packets, Sprites and Caffeine free DP’s. I still have our De-Caf tea, which we have always used, and now we are using De-Caf coffee as well. The De-Caf DPs are eh… ok I guess. Not like the real thing, definitely.

As for Thanksgiving, Early Thanksgiving morning Laura and I ventured to HEB and got in our shopping before the crowds. Then we decided not to have our Thanksgiving meal until later in the afternoon. Laura spent most of her day working on a paper for her History class at UTPA, and I relaxed and worked on a conversion for one of our clients (more on that in a bit). Then around 5:00 we had a great little meal, just Laura and I. Some ham, green bean casserole, mashed tatters, roles, and cranberries hmmm. It was great. We both were wishing we were in Austin for Mom’s cookin’, but this will work.

Must of today has been about the same as yesterday. Laura working on her History paper and I am working on the AS400 conversion. Laura made us a wonder breaklunch around 11, then she did some cleaning and misc stuff, then back to work on the paper. I did a bit of sweeping around the house and just now shut down the client AS400 I have sitting here, about to relax, figure out what we are going to do for supper and watch some TV or something.

Speaking of the AS400

There it sits on my office floor. This is for a DATA-COM Client, I am in the process of migrating their files and programs off their S/36 and onto the AS400. Which is turning into more work than I thought, but that is ok. Up to V5R2, IBM included a Migration Utility, which helped with the migration process. But it is kinda finicky and doesn’t always do the right thing. But as of V5R3 (which this machine has), that utility is not included! But, actually it’s better. This way I get to monitor the migration process, make a list of programs that failed the conversion, etc. I have restored all the files and libraries, compiled all the programs and screen formats. There were maybe 20-30 programs that did not compile successfully, so I will look at them tomorrow. After that, I have to work on a solution for a little dilemma associated with the move to the AS400.

One of the tricks we used on The S/36 will not work on the AS400. SUBROC, a subroutine that we used to do some printing tricks will not work on the AS400 (actually it does not exist on the AS400). So, I’ll have to figure the best way to get around that. I have 2-4 ideas on how to do it, just need to figure out which one will be the best option.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, we hope that our Colorado family makes it home save and sound, back to the cold north. We’ll eat some whataburgers and Patos for you :)