Traveling Aboard (with a broad)

Saturday Afternoon, Laura and I ventured to another country. We traveled down to the Weslaco area, then headed south, parked our care on the US side of the river and got our exercise walking over the bridge to Progesso. We had started our quest to find the ancient grail of vanilla!

The contrast of north and south is just so amazing. Never mind the beggar’s presenting their caps through the openings in the bridge side rail. What first caught my eye, and it wasn’t until we were in the pharmacy, was the armored police vehicle, loaded up with policia, sporting shiny machine guns.

Once are shopping venture was done, and as we were headed back toward the bridge, we noticed a sandbag bunker, with 3 armed police, all sporting similar weapons. And this was not the mexican border officials, it was the police, about a block away from the bridge. Although it is amazing to see that, it was a bit re-assuring.

On other things, we went to the same store we went to last time (which we conversed about on our trip over, it was before we got married… been awhile :> ). They have all kinds of neat stuff in there. Of course you have your liquor, vanilla and mexican candies and cookies. But they have clothing, statues, swords, and all sorts of mexican made items. It’s a great place to just browse around, just watch your head.

We have to go back to get some more vanilla this coming weekend, we did get enough, but the wife’s Mom visited us on Sunday and aquired a few bottles before leaving. So we need to replace those ;)