New Computers and Virii!!

Saturday morning, I headed over to the south side of McAllen to CompUSA to get some upgrades for my main computer system. I came back with a AMD CPU, new MB, 500gb HD, 2gig of RAM, and a new case, along with a few other items that I would use to take my old components, and make a computer for Nick.

I spent saturday afternoon setting up the new machine, transferring files from the old HD’s to the new one, installing all the software I use, etc etc. I was pretty much finished with it by Saturday night… time to rest.

Sunday AM, I go back to customizing my setup, and my AVG gets hit with some virii being put on my machine! ALERT!… after a few seconds I notice that they are on the shared drives. And only shares that Laura has access to. So, I took a gander at her laptop and sure enough, it was infected. I shut it down and made note to deal with it after church. I also scanned her USB stick, and it was infected as well. I got it cleaned up and told her to stay away from the laptop until I was done. It had been unplugged from the network, and I also powered down our wireless just in case.

I made a few attempts to clean it, to no avail. We had already discussed reinstalling that particular machine, as it was getting dog slow. So yesterday afternoon, I just removed the partitions and reinstalled. I am about 90% done with reinstalling now, and will finish it up tonight. Then I can get back to messing with my new speed demon.

Man that new setup is fast. Now if only it could speed up my typing and improve my grammar as well!