Awesome memory, still etched in my mind

I don’t recall the exact date, or even the year. But about 7-9 years ago, Laura, me and the kids went down to Brownsville for the air show down there. It was during the fall months, as we were not sure if they were going to actually have the show because there was a strong cold front forecast to arrive that day. We got to tour the hangers, watch a few planes fly around. But the main event was a flyby by a Stealth Bomber. As the event went on, they were not sure how much longer the event would last and if the bomber would make it. It was flying in from the Corpus base I believe. The low dark clouds started moving in, and it looked very dismal. Those of you that have lived down here know what it looks like when strong fronts come in.

Over the PA, they kept announcing that the Bomber was in route, it did leave it’s base and would attempt a flyby, hopefully before the rains started and there was still some visibility. The weather started getting worse, so we all made our way to the parking lot, to our car. The PA announcements started getting faint, but I could hear they it was close, all of us looking around the sky to see if we could see it.

Then, out of the dark clouds, this HUGE BAT flew down, roaring like giant. Slowly flying over us, ground shaking, people pointing and hollaring. It was the most amazing sight I have ever seen. I was extremely impressed and extremely proud of our country. In awe at our accomplishments. It’s a sight and memory that I will never forget.

This morning I happened upon a video of another flyby, not near as impressive as what we saw, but impressive none the less. Enjoy, although I wish everyone could have experienced what we experienced that afternoon.