Actually… UP with Ike!

As God is in control of all things, he likes toying with us with hurricanes. They go north, they go south, they go west, but no one knows, for sure, when or have fast. Yesterday morning, most computer models and forecasters has Ike going in around Houston, as the day went on, the forecasted landfall moved further and further south, down to Brownsville. As the afternoon came and went, the forecasted landfall moved back north again. As of today they are saying it looks like it will go in somewhere between Corpus and Houston areas.

Yesterday at lunch, Nick and I went to Lowes and picked up some plywood and hardware just in case. If Ike does stay North, Laura and I will still build some custom window covers out of the plywood and have them ready for the next time. If it does go in as expected, we will still get some rain and winds, but not near what we had with Dolly. And hopefully the rain from Ike will work it’s way into the Austin area and give Mom and Dad some much needed rain.

On another note: After lots of considerations, thinking, declining, thinking again, considering, and a few cold beer (Bacardi Limon & coke for Laura) meditation moments. Laura and I have decided to step into the HD world. This morning we ordered a Sharp LC-37D64U LCD TV with 1080p resolution. I am also dealing with DirecTV to try and get a good deal on 2 HD DVRs. So far we have not reached an agreement. I might end up just getting 1 HD DVR and 1 HD receiver. Why 2? well Nick put his JVC flat panel in the living room, the new TV will be in our bedroom (where we watch 95% of our TV). We would put the HD-DVR in the bedroom and just have the regular HD Receiver in the living room.

Here is a picture of the TV.