Down with Ike!

Laura, Nick and I are starting to make plans for yet another hurricane. Ike has decided that Lousiana and upper Texas coast isn’t as fun as the lower coast. I will probably be taking a bit of an extended lunch today to go by Lowes or Home Depot with Nick and pickup some plywood, screws and other supplies. If I can do that, tonight I’ll cut the plywood to fit and possibly pre-screw it and get them ready to go. I’ll also probably go by a pet store to pickup a carrier for the dogs, just incase we decide to evacuate.

After Dolly, Laura and I agreed that we would probably leave if a Cat3 or higher hurricane came in. We are still considering that option. We will keep an eye on the news and weather channel for the next several days. If we do leave, we’ll board up the house, lock it down tight and head north. If it is expected to stay Cat1 or Cat2, we might stay. Not real sure what Nick is going to do yet, we have not talked to him about it. But if we leave, we are leaving because I don’t want anyone in the house, so he’ll probably stay elsewhere or go with us.

I’ll update again as we get closer and get more info on the expected track later this week.