Palin blew our Roof off!!

Well, not really, but it just so happens that as we watched Palin last night, we had no shingles on our roof. Not long ago, my sister and brother inlaw had roof work done. Now it is our turn. Yesterday the house was alive with trampling on the roof, hammering, and roof shingles flying off the roof into a trailer parked in our drive way. They should be finishing up the job today, so if I remember, I’ll get some photos and post them.

And what about that Palin speech last night!? Laura and I both had problems staying up, waiting for her speech, but once it started, we had no problems keeping our eyes opened and our ears trained on her words. I think she did an excellent job, and got in some really good jabs to the media and Obama.


  1. Teri in CO says:

    Here are some good articles on her… the links are in this post (the links are in this post…

  2. bl00d says:

    Thanks for the links Teri! I browsed them real quick just now and will have some good reading material as I wait for McCain to take stage tonight. :)