Back to Blogger – Dolly Update

Well, as the post below this reads, I blogged on Myspace regularly, but I think blogger looks better, so I am gonna start blogging back here again.

Things are going well after our visit from Dolly. The insurance adjuster came by on Sunday morning, and is recommending a complete re-roofing, shingles and tar paper. As well as some replacement of some drywall in the house that got a bit wet. We are working to get estimates from some roofing companies, but we are in the “waiting line”. Two of the places that Laura called yesterday said they would get to us as soon as they could.

Otherwise, work is gearing back up. All but one of our stores is back open again. McAllen is just about back to normal. I know part of South Padre is still without power, and there is still flooding throughout the Valley, hopefully that will all be clearing up soon.


  1. DEH says:

    Welcome back to Blogger! D and T

  2. Harry says:

    Ditto to what DEH said.Dad