Too many fires on my Iron!

This VPN I am working on for my employer is a nightmare! We have 4-5 vendors involved and it’s a pain to figure out who you need to talk to about what and then when you find the right vendor, you have to wait for them to get you the info you need, and that can sometimes take a week!

I finally had enough with one of them that supplied a VPN/Router for our office location, and I hooked up the router and fixed the configuration myself and got it running. Then I discover that the VPN is not even setup in the router, so now I have to wait for another response as to why the VPN was not setup and how do I go about setting it up. I should charge the idiots for my time.

And we haven’t even gotten any of our remote locations online yet!

I knew I should have designed this thing myself and done it totally on my own.