Too many fires on my Iron!

This VPN I am working on for my employer is a nightmare! We have 4-5 vendors involved and it’s a pain to figure out who you need to talk to about what and then when you find the right vendor, you have to wait for them to get you the info you need, and that can sometimes take a week!

I finally had enough with one of them that supplied a VPN/Router for our office location, and I hooked up the router and fixed the configuration myself and got it running. Then I discover that the VPN is not even setup in the router, so now I have to wait for another response as to why the VPN was not setup and how do I go about setting it up. I should charge the idiots for my time.

And we haven’t even gotten any of our remote locations online yet!

I knew I should have designed this thing myself and done it totally on my own.

Start of a new week

It’s monday yet again! It sure seems like the weeks go by fast now that I have a full time job. We had a very nice time this last weekend. Friday night we all went to hear Zachary’s chior sing at McHi, then after 30 minutes of fighting incoming football traffic and outgoing concert traffic we made it to the bowling alley (just 1 mile away) for a regular Friday practice.

Saturday we picked up the boys and had lunch at Pizza Hut and then Laura, LJ and Zach spent the afternoon putting up the Christmas decorations, and then Laura and I spent the night working on a little anniversary slideshow presentation for the Church.

Sunday was spent relaxing the majority of the time. Our Slideshow presentation at the church went really well, although we didn’t expect to make people cry. We had an 8 minute presentation with 122 photos taken over the last 4 years, we think it was a good balance of emotions, some sad, some happy and some funny. After our normal Sunday nap, I goofed on the computers while watching Dallas squeeze out a win! After that we caught some of the Denver game before falling asleep around 9:30.

This weekend was also a myspace mania weekend here. I created a myspace account on Friday and preceeded to find a few friends on there that also had accounts, then Laura created an account and profile, and even Laura’s mom created one as well. It’s not the most intuitive site I have seen, but it seems to work well for the younger generation.

Hope everyone has a great week!