Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Laura and I are starting our 4 day weekend! And I am starting my Project for this time off. Since I bought my main PC several years ago, I have never reinstalled the system. So it is currently pretty cluttered with installs/uninstalls, etc, etc. I just completed a backup of important data on the C: drive partition and I am about to double check things and then reinstall XP on a formated C:. I have most of my stuff backed up to drive D & G as well as static files and such that are stored there. So it should be a fairly fast and simple project. I should be done later today and after a bit of reinstalling software and tweaking the setup, I should be back to normal with a much more responsive machine.

As for Thanksgiving Dinner, Laura, LJ and I will be going to Laura’s aunts for lunch/dinner. Other than that we just have plans to do some work this weekend, both around the house and for the church.