Our Only Fun is Bowling

Well, my blog is due for an update, and really not much as been going on. We are mainly busy with work doing things around the house. We are really glad Thanksgiving is coming up. We’ll both be off Thursday and Friday and we’ll be having Thanksgiving Dinner at Laura’s aunts house on Thursday. I’ll be doing client work over the holiday weekend and hopefully can get it all done and installed before the weekend so that we can enjoy the weekend.

Bowling has been going well, 3 weeks ago we were in 7th place, before we bowled last night we had moved up to 5th place, but still 12 points behind 1st place. With our two new bowlers (Brianna and Michael) we’ve been really doing well. We have been able to set the 3rd highest team scratch game and series and came close to getting a bit higher last night, but came up short. Laura is bowling really consistent, hovering right around her 114/115 average. My average has been climbing rather fast, which is expected since three weeks ago I had a 161 average, and since then I’ve shot a 592, 584, and a 599 (last night) series, which should put me over a 170 average for next week. I keep shooting for a 600 series, but keep coming up a bit short. I almost had it last night, but guttered on the 1st ball of the 10th frame in the 3rd game, but atleast I came back to spare and get 9.

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! We also plan to do some work at the Church during the holidays, Laura is working on the Church library and I need to install some shelves in the soundroom, but I also see a few relaxing naps over that period of time as well :)