Just a small reminder! GO VOTE! I am really glad we are able to early vote here in Texas. Laura and I went to the early voting station on Halloween around 5:30pm, no lines and we were the only voters there (which is not “good”, but it was good for a fast in and out). We were done in about 5-10 minutes and on our way. I am just glad I don’t have to fight the crowds today to do my duty as a citizen and vote.

I am realizing more and more that neither the republicans nor the democrats are really worth voting for anymore, both parties seem to be corrupt and it comes down to the lesser of the two evils. I really like the ideas of the Constitution Party, but I wonder if a 3rd party will ever pull enough people off the big two to make a difference. In the current state of things, 3rd parties only seem to draw just enough votes to hurt the republicans.

We had a pretty good night of bowling last night. Laura’s friend Brianna and her boyfriend Michael came to bowl with us and we ended up splitting the points last night. Laura had a consistent 370 series for the night and I pulled out a 592 series with a 234 last game. That probably leaves us still in 7th place, but we have about 20 more weeks to go in the league and things can change alot in 20 weeks.


  1. Harry says:

    Just wait until you become a "senior", then you can get your ballot mailed to you, then return it by mail. NO LINES!!