It’s all a blurr

Another Friday has come upon me, yet it still doesn’t feel like the weekend yet. Just too many things going on currently. Bowling has been going good, I’ve been shooting better and we’ll be going to practice again tonight. Most of this week and part of last week I was battling “the crud”, Laura had it before me, then I got it and I am close to getting over it now. Our Halloween was spent at the Texas Roadhouse, having a nice little steak and avoiding the constant doorbell ringing. And we were glad we did. On the way home we saw several neighborhoods flooded with truckloads of kids and adults! wondering around knocking on doors. Once we got home we retired to our room to enjoy some DVR viewing and then bed.

Not much really planned for this weekend except the usual: lawn needs mowing, work for some clients, Church and some house cleaning. I hope to actually BBQ this weekend as well, it’s been a month or so since I have done that. Maybe some fajitas are in order for a mild weathered weekend.