Monday Monday…….

Whew! made it through my monday morning duties, not without problems, but it is finished. It’ll be a grand day when we switch over from dialup to internet.

Ah well, Laura and I are both looking forward to bowling tonight. We practiced Friday night and Laura did about average, I had a shot that would not quit and shot a 214 the first game (not bad for a warmup game), then shot a 257, then started with 4 in a row I think on the 3rd game. But I accidently bowled for Alma (Nick and Alma were bowling with us), so when it was actually my turn to bowl, I started goofing off and threw Laura’s bowling ball with no thumb, and the rest of the game I just pretty much goofed off, easily shooting a 600+ series, but not sure what my last game was. I am hoping that the lanes are similar tonight, and maybe I can finally put up some good numbers.