Bye Bye Time Warner

We are finally proud to annouce that a dependency on Time Warner/Road Runner has come to an end. As some of you might know, we’ve had problems with them since moving into the house. The line that services our area comes down our alley and we are at the very end of the line. We’ve had problems receiving the higher end cable stations and PPV channels. Many times we called and they said they did something but it was always the same. At one point I talked to a tech that was planning on leaving the company and he told me that the line was damaged in several places and the only way to fix our problem was to re-run new lines down the alley. Of which he doubted they would do. We did finally switch to DirecTV for our TV use, and as of today we are running on SBC/AT&T DSL. Our line was activated this morning and I switched the network over to it this afternoon and all is running well. It is a tad slower than our RR connection, but it will work for now and later once we get some debt paid off I can up the account to a faster speed. And considering we are saving about $30 versus road runner, I don’t mind the small speed reduction.