Busy Busy Busy

It’s been a pretty busy week. Bowling on Monday, misc work on Tuesday, Church & hackers on Wednesday. I was planning on mowing the lawn this evening, but not sure if that will happen to do our first “cold front” coming in today. Oh, it’ll be nice to have temps drop to the 60-70’s, but how long will it last. Hopefully long enough for me to get the lawn mowed :)

Bowling was good Monday night, our new bowler could not show up, but Francis (Billy’s niece) and Rene (Francis’ boyfriend) where there to bowl. I shot fairly consistent during the evening, throwing a 166, 178, 160 for a 504 series, Laura had a 301 series and we ended up taking 3 points. The most points we have won, except for the first week (which we bowled the blind team :O) We are doing to well in the points, but we are having a good time. Before Monday we were in 8th place (out of 10!), but it’s a long league so who knows where we might end up.

On Tuesday morning I saw alot of activity on my internet server, so investigated a bit, but found no info on what might be the problem. I did find some unknown software on the machine, so I took it off, shutdown the processes that were running that usually are running and ran a complete check on the machine. Wednesday morning I get an abuse report from my network provider, my server was sending out spam while those processes where running. So yesterday inbetween work and church I did a complete check over of the machine, installed some tripwire devices and such. I still have a bit of tweaking to do on it, but I’ll get to that over the next few days. Hopefully the hole is fixed and I won’t have to worry about it for awhile.

Wednesday night was a nice fun time at Church, I went in about 5:30 to move some monitors around. We have two sets of monitors, one set is made by Yamaha and sound great, the other set is a JBL set and sound like crap. In our previous setup, Britt and the drummer had the good Yamaha’s and the backup singers used the JBLs. Well since Britt moved away, I had never gotten around to swapping them out, so I did that yesterday. Around 6:00, Dina (our backup/sometimes lead) singer and Laura showed up. Since our new Music Leader is off to Singapore to adopt a child, Mitch (another elder) will be leading the service, with Dina and Laura singing backup. So they ran through the song list (Hot DJ action provided by me of course), then we had our normal Wednesday service, and then home for some R and R.