Weekend Update

Darn, where’s that cold front we were promised!? Well it has cooled off, but not much, so we are still waiting on cooler weather. Bowling is going well, we are not doing that great as far as points, but we are really enjoying ourselves. Last night (friday is our practice night) we met a friend of Laura’s (work-study at STC) that will be joining our team starting on monday. She is a nice girl and is a pretty darn good bowler. Of the 3 games we bowled last night, she shot around a 150 average. We’ve informed her that we have first dibs on her when tournaments come up :).

I was also pleasantly surprised today when I visited the AT&T website to discover that DSL is now available in our area, so considering the amount we are playing for road runner (without cable), I have signed up for the service. We should get the equipment this coming week and it is scheduled to be activated on the 21st. Hopefully there are no problems and we can enjoy saving a bit of money.

Now that I have this blog up, I’ll be posting info on me, family, bowling, etc, etc. so stay tuned!


  1. Harry says:

    Glad to see that you're blogging again. We'll be watching…